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Podcast: How a 'new Cold War' is making North Korea more risk-averse

Prof. Rüdiger Frank shares his views on North Korea's de-risking strategy and the implications of the recent turn in its inter-Korean policy.


Article: North Korea has demolished its monument to reunification but it can’t fully erase the dream

North Korea erases a symbol, but postage stamps immortalize the dream. Explore the hidden narratives uncovered by David Hall.


Article: Is North Korea Preparing to Start A War?

Dylan Motin critiques Carlin and Hecker's claim that North Korea is poised for war, highlighting logical and empirical flaws.


Dylan Motin explores state alignment with major powers, revealing rare bandwagoning choices in Asia and Europe.


Article: North Korea’s New Unification Policy: Implications and Pitfalls

Professor Rüdiger Frank discusses the implications of Kim Jong Un's remarks on unification of late December 2023.


Article: Politics of the North Korean Diaspora

Sheena Chestnut Greitens explores how the authoritarian nature of the DPRK regime influences diasporic politics.


Commentary: North Korea’s De-risking Strategy and Its Implications

Rüdiger Frank delves into North Korea's recent embassy closures, attributing the moves to a strategy of de-risking amid global geopolitical shifts.


Article: Public attitudes towards co-ethnic migrant integration: evidence from South Korea

Steven Denney and Christopher Green discover how attitudes shape North Korean migrant integration in South Korea.


Article: Public Support for Migrant Entrepreneurship: The Case of North Koreans in the Republic of Korea

Steven Denney, Peter Ward, and Christopher Green explore support for North Korean migrant entrepreneurship in South Korea.


Article: Why do democratic societies tolerate undemocratic laws? Sorting public support for the National Security Act in South Korea?

Steven Denney and Christopher Green examine the enduring presence of South Korea's National Security Act (NSA) using a new survey instrument.


Article: Young North Korean defectors’ new media practices in response to stereotypes by South Korean society

Myung-Ah Son and You-Yeon Kim analyze how the content produced by North Korean defector Youtubers is tailored to appeal to native South Koreans.


Article: Collective Memory and Everyday Politics in North Korea: A Qualitative Text Analysis of New Year Statements, 1946–2019

Junhyoung Lee delves into how North Korean rulers manipulate collective memory to legitimize power in a revealing analysis.


Article: Why It Matters What Autocrats Say: Assessing Competing Theories of Propaganda

Based on state media analysis, Constantine Boussalis and co-authors reveal strategic communication shifts in state media after leadership transitions.


Article: The North Korea Conundrum: Pyongyang’s Strategic Calculus and Future Trajectory

Rachel Minyoung Lee unpacks North Korean policy changes and their implications after the failed 2019 US-North Korea summit in Hanoi.


Article: Authoritarian Audiences: Theory and Evidence for Subnational Propaganda Targeting in North Korea

Heather-Leigh Ba, Sheena Chestnut Greitens, and Yu Bin Kim elaborate North Korea's subnational strategic propaganda use for political survival.


Opinion: How to Avoid a Bad Take on a Hard Target-Analyzing North Korea the Right Way

Three experts propose methods to analyze North Korean propaganda more effectively.


Article: To Purge or Not to Purge? An Individual-Level Quantitative Analysis of Elite Purges in Dictatorships

Edward Goldring and Austin Matthews explain how dictators carefully manage their elites and use violence strategically to survive.


Article: A brief encounter: North Korea in the Eurocurrency market, 1973-80

Seung Woo Kim explores North Korea's engagement in the City of London in the 1970s.



Article: Strategies of Political Control under Kim Jong Un

What is Kim Jong Un's strategy for political control? Peter Ward and Benjamin Silberstein use two case studies to find out.


Article: How Autocracies Disrupt Unsanctioned Information Flows

Steven Denney and Peter Ward explore the determinants of unsanctioned information flows in North Korea.