The European Centre for North Korean Studies

Located in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna, the European Centre for North Korean Studies (ECNK) is a platform for students, scholars, and other researchers to pursue multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and comparative research on North Korea. 

We endeavor to help interested researchers from within and outside Europe to accomplish one or more of the following goals:

  • Define and develop North Korean Studies as a field through research and collaboration.
  • Identify and deliver to current and potential stakeholders.
  • Find, discuss, and improve access to and quality of data, sources, and methods.
  • Institutionalize the field of North Korean studies. 

The ECNK will support these objectives through the following actions:

  • Hosting individual researchers or research groups who have acquired funding and need an institution through which to pursue their research projects involving North Korea.
  • Building and supporting a network of researchers who focus exclusively on North Korea or pursue North Korea-adjacent research through non-resident fellowships and other positions.
  • Connecting European and non-European researchers on North Korea by hosting joint events, such as conferences and workshops.
  • Hosting North Korea-related databases.

To learn more about the ECNK and whether it is the right fit for you, read our Mission Statement. If you are interested in pursuing any of the goals listed above, please submit a plan for collaboration at the Join Us page.