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The ECNK Ph.D. Network identifies doctoral candidates in the field of North Korean Studies and provides information on their thesis topics.

If you are a Ph.D. Candidate studying North Korea and wish to join our network, please submit a request.

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  • Boadella-Prunell, Queralt
    • 'Cross-border Remittances and Mobility in North Korea'
    • University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • Hall, David
    • 'A Semiotic Analysis of North Korean Postage Stamps, 1948-1980'
    • University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • Han, Choongil (Peter)
    • 'North Korea's Unification Program in the 1980s'
    • University of Cambridge, UK
  • Jo, Wooyun
    • 'Korea and Great Powers - the Politics of a Divided Peninsula'
    • Loughborough University, UK
  • Kim, Gayeon
    • 'Transformation and Overcoming of Imperial Historiography from Europe in History Education: Focusing on History Education in Korea and Japan'
    • Academy of Korean Studies, ROK
  • Kim, Hanna
    • 'Comparative Study of Political Leadership Cults in Modern World History'
    • Korea University, ROK


  • Leonzini, Alexandra
    • 'Spreading the Seeds of Revolution: The Development and Politics of North Korean Revolutionary Opera'
    • University of Cambridge, UK
  • Liao, Muchun
    • 'North Korea’s South Korea Policy: The Impact of National Roles on North Korea Foreign Policy'
    • King's College London, UK
  • Robertson, Lauren Eloise
    • 'Development Assistance and Climate Resilience in Countries Under Authoritarian Rule: A Comparative Study of North Korea and Vietnam'
    • University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • Sharma, Abhishek
    • 'Analysing North Korea Cyber Capabilities' Role in its Grand Strategy'
    • Delhi University, IN
  • Starowicz, Karol
    • 'States of the Korean Peninsula in the U.S. Foreign Policy'
    • Adam Mickiewicz University, PL
  • Valošek, Matěj
    • 'The Korean War as a Phenomenon Between Myth and Propaganda'
    • Institute of Asian Studies, CZ