Opinion: How to Avoid a Bad Take on a Hard Target-Analyzing North Korea the Right Way


Three experts propose methods to analyze North Korean propaganda more effectively.

Despite the enduring fascination with North Korea's security dynamics and the enigmatic nature of the Kim family regime, there is often a lack of high-quality analysis in understanding the country. Indeed, it is challenging to comprehend a closed society like North Korea, which lacks regular press briefings, restricts access to information, and tightly controls its leadership's decision-making process.

However, accurately understanding North Korea remains crucial, and analysts should approach their methods with caution. While analyzing North Korean propaganda by looking beyond repetitive language and understanding its controlled nature, it is important to counter bias, carefully select sources, and expand one's horizon in order to analyze more effectively. 

Garlauskas, Markus, Rachel Minyoung Lee and Jonathan Corrado. "How to Avoid a Bad Take on a Hard Target: Analyzing North Korea the Right Way.Texas National Security Review, May 11, 2023. War on the Rocks Media, LLC.